Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Time plan for work for the next 18 months...

This timeplan looks super organised but was actually the result of a long train journey, the back of an envelope, a desire to stop reading papers and a slight panic about whether it was even possible to finish my PhD in three years. Time will tell - but now I have some real motivation to stick to this plan - it shows it may even be possible! Here's hoping I stick to it...


  1. really at this time do you still fulfilling the plan? it looks too similar to my planning, but i have not followed this with much precision

  2. Hi, no I haven't followed this plan very much at all, in fact!
    I presented a progress report on my work about a month afterwards, which included this plan. After some quite severe criticism I really sat back and thought about where my PhD was heading. So this plan was discarded.
    Of course I have a new plan though.. :)