Monday, 26 July 2010

The first step on a long road, paved with LaTeX tiles and with a gleaming thesis at the end

Today I wrote the first words of my thesis.


For a while now I've had a thesis plan and a collection of chapter headings and subheadings - but no content. Now today I've started filling in the content.

What I've written today is very much for a first draft, full of [*** NOTES AND REMINDERS ***] and other aesthetically pleasing annotations. I should imagine that at least half of what I've written gets moved around, edited, or discarded, as I get more used to thesis writing.


The first steps have now been taken on this PhD writing-up journey. After an apprehensive start of not knowing what on earth I was going to write as the first words, I just wrote something. Anything. Then changed it. Lo and behold, I'd started writing up. It feels good!

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  1. Remember giant oak trees grow from tiny acorns - way to go Anna!