Monday, 4 February 2008

Re: Bach fugue project. Szeto and Wong: A Stream Segregation Algorithm for Polyphonic Music Databases

A plethora of patterns are perceived in music but the only patterns that are noticeable to us are those that are all contained within a single stream (''grouping of musical notes''). So the authors want to separate polyphonic music into streams, for music information retrieval systems such as indexing a database of musical pieces. Their use of stream seems to be exactly the same as what I refer to as a voice.

There is a useful discussion of the psychology behind why we perceive music patterns monophonically - i.e. one note at a time rather than a chord.

The way they separate music is by identifying clusters of notes that together represent a musical event. Although I understand how they differentiate between simultaneous events (events happening at the same time) and sequential events (events happening at completely separate points in time, with no temporal cross over) I can't quite see how they then link the different events together to form a stream. I think I need to skim read this paper again to make sure I understand it.

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