Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Workshop - Completing the Circle: Incorporating Evaluation in Creative work

I went to this workshop symposium yesterday.

I'll write about it in a bit more detail when I have more time - but general impressions were...

  • Got to hear about creative work in a more broad domain than just music
  • Some innovative ideas in how to evaluate creative work
  • One talk in particular by Robin Hawes was quite thought-provoking - he used physiological and psychological arguments to demonstrate that we don't all perceive things the same way, so this should be taken into account when evaluating such perception
  • Ernest Edmonds' talk was entertaining and had lots of interesting and useful content about the study of cognitive creativity both in his labs in Australia and beyond - especially a plug for the Creativity and Cognition conference that is happening this summer in California + a mention of Leonardo transcriptions - collection of 2 page papers
  • Shame that all presenters only considered visual creativity. The concept of creativity using sound seemed to be entirely absent, to the extent that I felt too shy to ask questions about it, even though I am sure there were at least five people in the audience whose main research focus is sound-based creativity (silly me really, should have been braver)
  • Nearly everyone seemed to focus on evaluating the user experience at the end of the artistic/design process, rather than evaluating any other viewpoints, or taking evaluation during the creative process to be used as feedback in the process. Ernest Edmonds was a notable exception here.

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