Monday, 30 March 2009

Creativity and Cognition conference 2009, Berkeley, California

I've been really thinking about going to this conference, the Creativity and Cognition conference in California. It looks really interesting and the proceedings of the previous conferences have had a lot of useful things in for me. So I'm preparing a paper on the recent developments I've made in my research, namely devising a framework for evaluating creativity from many different perspectives. There's a graduate symposium which looks quite interesting, and I think it might be more appropriate for me at the moment given that I'm still in the middle of active work rather than trying to report finished work.

I need to submit:
  • A summary page (basically an abstract and a biography),
  • Four pages describing the work I am currently doing, including what I would get from participating in this graduate symposium.
  • Also I need to send in "a letter of recommendation from a faculty member indicating their approval that the work has reached the appropriate level of maturity for presentation in this venue. " Shouldn't be too hard to get that - either Nick or Chris, my two supervisors, would be happy to provide that, I'm sure.
Looks like the research proposals and summaries I've just been writing should come in very handy indeed... :) Suddenly I feel better about all these applications.

Money is going to be a real issue - there might be funding for this if I get accepted to the graduate symposium, and additionally I might be able to get a student travel award again from the AISB which would be really great - but I have to work on the basis that I don't get any funding and then anything else will be a bonus.

This might mean that I don't get to go to ESCOM (even though I've had two posters accepted) as I really don't think I can afford both. Shame, as the ESCOM conference looks fascinating, with some amazing keynote speakers, but I'll just have to work on what I can afford.

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  1. Update: I got accepted to the graduate symposium and hence have received substantial funding (I think through an NSF grant) to attend the conference.