Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A way past the deadlock...

Finally some good feeling of progress and movement in my PhD!

Just had a meeting with my supervisor where I showed him some ideas I had about exactly what I want my PhD thesis to cover. This set of ideas is the result of some brainstorming I did on the scope of my PhD, focussing on evaluation of creativity.

It's the first time for a while that I've felt like I really knew what I was talking about and could justify and expand upon what I was proposing, when I was being questioned, and also see the boundaries of what my project is going to cover. While I think I've got a lot of work ahead of me..., these are exciting times!


  1. Hi Anna!
    Your chart looks great.
    I'm wondering: do you have a working title? Personally, I find working titles usful as a way to capture the essence of the project I have in hand -- whether being a short paper or my thesis.
    Sdra :-)

  2. That's such a good idea - well I was thinking about this yesterday.
    I guess the short version would be 'Evaluating creativity' and a more 'title-y' version would be:

    'Can a computer be creative? A methodology for evaluating creativity'

    Doesn't mention music and maybe the second sentence needs to be ... A methodology for evaluating creativity exhibited by computer music generation systems' (or 'computer composers')

    hmmm, work in progress. Useful point though, thanks!