Thursday, 19 May 2011

A 'marks' sheet for evaluating how creative a computer system is

My research looks at how best to evaluate computational creativity systems - how creative is this computer program?

Computational creativity is when a piece of software acts in a way which would be perceived as creative if seen in a person.

From this research I have produced a sheet which can be used to evaluate and assess how creative a creative system is. It helps you judge the creativity of the computer program on several different aspects and components (see this previous post on identifying building blocks of creativity).

Here is the sheet.

Feel free to go ahead and use it, let me know how you get on. To cite this, please refer to my PhD thesis (title, more details and papers on this at my academic web site).

If you want even more detail, then you only have to wait till my doctoral thesis is ready in September 2011, or else please contact me (contact details on my web site) - I would love your feedback.

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