Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Looking for survey participants - no specialist knowledge required - the more participants, the better!

I'm running an online survey for my PhD research, about computer systems that improvise jazz. The survey gives you some brief information on four different systems and some demos of their music, and asks you to think about how creative the systems are.

I'd really like a spread of opinions on this - from musicians to non-musicians, people who improvise jazz to people who don't, from computer programmers through to people who have the ability to break computers just by looking at them (!) - and I'm after as many participants for the survey as possible... so...

Please could you help me by doing my survey? The survey is at this link:


So far it's taken people around 15-30 mins to do. People are saying that they've found it interesting and that even if they haven't known about computer music or jazz improvisation, they have been able to take part in the survey.

Sadly I can offer no payment/sweets/etc for doing the survey - all I can offer you is a warm happy glow for helping a PhD student in need, or if that isn't enough, the chance to procrastinate for a bit and take a break, whilst doing something research-related. Also it's fun to see what music the computer systems can come up with and how they do it, if you're interested in this sort of thing? Thank you in advance, I really appreciate people's help!

Results will be published in my PhD thesis (due for completion September 2011) and I may summarise the results briefly in a blog post here too.

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