Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Plans for this week's work

After the unexpected but exciting 'snow day' off yesterday, I now have 4 days ahead officially (and 2 unofficially) to plan work for. If I actually put this plan somewhere public rather than hiding it on the whiteboard behind my desk I might actually stick to it...! So this week I want to:

  • Revive the emergence Java program I wrote at the end of last term
  • Add the results of my Music Spin survey into my LISP program and get some music out of it? (probably that won't happen this week...)
  • Do a little reading into cognitive linguistics-type content - particularly to skim through the rest of the Fauconnier and Turner book and to learn about Image schemas
  • Clear 5 papers from my to-read pile (prob just reading abstracts and updating my Bibtex notes for future)
  • Have a quick read through the chapter of the book my supervisor is writing, see what I think
  • Read Chris's paper (Chris is who I share an office with) - probably too late now to give him feedback on what he's written before the deadline but still would be good to read it
  • Read 2 articles from the Synth Secrets series
  • A bit of Cope reading?

Also, non-DPhil related:

  • Talk with Chris about the seminars we want to set up
  • approach more people about setting up communication across departments (that reminds me, should reply to Stefan's email!)
  • CDEC marking
  • work for rc
  • Go through and get deadlines for the funding opportunities I've identified (or send off for application forms if necessary)

Phew that should keep me busy. Lets see if putting this online helps me achieve more. I'll print this post off now and stick it up by my desk.

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