Friday, 20 February 2009

A tiny glimmer of funding hope... (TINY TINY TINY)

My second supervisor, Chris Thornton, is putting together a bid for funding for a project into the abstract nature of creativity, looking at the cognitive aspects - what happens (at a high-level, mechanically) when we are creative. If it's successful, I get employed on that - hence some funding! We've just heard that the bid he submitted has been accepted onto a next stage, meaning that we get to 'officially' apply (as opposed to just registering interest, I think, which was the previous stage).

It's so demoralising not having funding, it makes you feel like the whole process of your PhD is just not recognised as a worthwhile thing to do. I think it's worthwhile, or I wouldn't be investing my time and money into it. But I spend so much time seeking out recognition and investment for this work (and doing other work like teaching to get money to live on) when I could just be concentrating on the PhD itself.

In a way I'm very jealous of those who do have funding, but I guess this way I really seek out the value of what I'm doing, which can only be helpful in the long term. Plus I have now got so much experience in tutoring and lecturing, and have become a lot more efficient in managing my time. So there are benefits to everything, I suppose it's just a case of looking for the 'silver lining' around the cloud.

Talking of becoming more efficient with my time, BACK TO THE WORK...>!?!?

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  1. If you'd like anyone to read over your funding application I'd be happy to do that for you. I've become fairly adept at wangling money out of my research council and I could do with a challenge :P