Thursday, 27 March 2008

Current priorities

  • Write a 150 word summary of my LCC conference abstract and submit it. By March 31st (show this to Nick before sending).
  • Write the full paper for the CIM conference. By April 30th. I need to get a first draft to Alan (my old supervisor and co-author) ASAP
  • Prepare an abstract for my talk in Edinburgh. By April 4th (use the abstract from the full paper for CIM). Email title and abstract to Karen Ludke.
  • Prepare the Edinburgh talk - need to get my MSc system up and running again and work out how to record it in action? Or find out what facilities are available at Edinburgh for a live demo? (Alan would know)
  • Paperwork for annual review - by 16th May
  • Book travel and accommodation for Greece conference
  • Book train tickets to Edinburgh and check the expenses arrangement with Karen Ludke
  • Work on the linguistic creativity project for LCC conference poster
  • Book travel and accommodation arrangements for ICMC - we're going to go even if we don't get accepted to present a paper!

Phew that little lot should keep me busy!

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